Roku Channels from the Nowhere Man
Nowhere Cast
A podcast player

Enjoy a variety of content from our curated library of podcasts. Full-length public radio programming, short-form video, and plenty of niche content from independent sources. There's something for everyone.

Nowhere Cast is is available in the Roku Channel Store for $0.99 per month. Making a donation through PayPal does not entitle you to a Nowhere Cast Subscription. To install Nowhere Cast on your Roku, click here.

Content on Nowhere Cast is subject to change at any time without notice.

What's on Nowhere Cast?

Nowhere TV
Hassle-free, curated content for your Roku

Nowhere TV is completely free. Always has been, always will be. This is a Roku "private" channel, which means it does not appear in the Roku Channel Store. To install Nowhere TV on your Roku, click here.

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Content on Nowhere TV is subject to change at any time without notice.

Nowhere Pix

Nowhere Pix is a screensaver that displays photos and comments from Instagram. View your own photos, your likes, your feed, a specific tag or user, or popular photos.

Nowhere Pix is no longer available

Nowhere Headlines

Nowhere Headlines is a screensaver that turns your Roku into a news ticker. Choose from a variety of different news sources and watch the latest headlines scroll across the screen

Nowhere Headlines is available in the Roku Channel store for $0.99, or you can install it by clicking here

Nowhere Scope
A Periscope viewer
Nowhere Kat
A Meerkat viewer
Nowhere Vine
A simple Vine player
Nowhere Archive
An client
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Nowhere Stream
A client
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Nowhere Khan
Video from Khan Academy
Nowhere Magnets
Turn your Roku into a community fridge.
Nowhere Bullet
A Pushbullet screensaver
Nowhere Songz
A Songza client
Nowhere SFX
An client
Nowhere Music
This channel is defunct.
Nowhere Tweet
Twitter reader and screensaver
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Nowhere News
Video from CNN
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Nowhere Traffic
Traffic cams from around the world
This channel is defunct
Nowhere Woot!
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Police scanners, air traffic control, amature radio, etc.
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Public domain audiobooks
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This channel is defunct
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Nowhere DVR
Nowhere DVR let's you watch your EyeTV recordings as well as live TV on your Roku.
  • In order to use this channel, you must have EyeTV installed and running on a computer on your local network.
  • EyeTV must have iPhone access enabled for this channel to work
  • Watching live TV requires that EyeTV be running on a sufficiently powerful computer. Initial testing indicates that you need at least a 2GHz Core 2 Duo and 2GB of memory for decent results.

This is a private channel. To install it, click here

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Roku Newscaster
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This channel is defunct. Most of the content from this channel is available on Nowhere Cast
This channel is defunct. An official Dailymotion channel is now available in the Roku Channel Store
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Funny or Die
This channel is defunct
Nowhere USB
USB Media Browser allows you to access content via the USB port on your Roku XR os XD|S.

To install USB Media Browser on your Roku, click here.

Tips and Tricks

  • The channel will play MP4 video, MP3 or AAC audio, and PNG or JPG photos
  • You can arrange your media in any directory structure you like on your USB device, but it is best to keep the number of nested directories to a minimum
  • If you drop some mp3 files in the same directory as some pictures, those mp3's will be used as a soundtrack when in slideshow mode
  • If you name an image file exactly the same as an mp3 file in the same directory (except for the extension), that image will be used as album art for that mp3
  • If you name an image file exactly the same as a movie file in the same directory (except for the extension), that image will be used as cover art for that movie
  • If you place an image named albumart.png or albumart.jpg in the same directory as some mp3 files, that image will be used as album art for all the mp3's
  • During a slideshow with a soundtrack, you can press the DOWN button on your remote to pause/resume the soundtrack

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