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Archive for June, 2005





Back to Podcast Tuner

After having a little more time to play with iTunes 4.9 and its podcasting features, I'm switching back to Podcast Tuner. I hadn't actually tried to use my iPod to listen to my iTunes podcasts, but I got an email from a Podcast Tuner user pointing out something I ...
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Holy Cow!

I just got my inventory from the adjuster and now I have the exciting task of filling in the replacement value on all 1489 items that were in the house.
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iTunes 4.9

iTunes 4.9 is here. And it rocks. The new version brings podcasting support to iTunes. And, while it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some of the third party podcasting clients do, it definitely foots the bill for putting a pretty face on the podcasting universe and making ...
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A good day? Is it possible?

Wow. I'm actually having a good day. I'm checking over my shoulder a lot, just in case, but I'm having a great day. I've decided to sell my house and relocate closer to the city. I got several pieces of good news on that front this morning. My adjuster assures ...
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