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Archive for February, 2006



Apple – iPod HiFi []

Cool stuff, but my credit card stays in my wallet this time. Sorry, Steve.
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CNN – Ex-playmate goes before Supreme Court []

What is this country coming to? Don't we have bigger fish to fry?
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The signal

I got to use the signal this weekend. I think it's the first time I have had to employ the signal in a serious manner. Mikey has used it and a few others in the group may have had occasion to at some point. Confused? We were sitting at the bar Saturday ...
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Full Text Feeds []

"What writer for a print newspaper can say that they have 10,700 readers to their article on page 14 of section c every day? That is what Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web can justifiably say everyday about his blog article on his full text feed."
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Weekend recap

I was sitting around with the boys last night and Mikey made the comment that whenever he decides not to join us at the bar is when we always have our wildest escapades. He's right, but it has nothing to do with his absence. "I always miss the good ...
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