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After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that DreamWeaver sucks.

I’m building a website for a friend. It’s a decent sized project and if I had charged him, it would have run into thousands of dollars. But he’s poor and I’m a sap and I agreed to do it in exchange for a free copy of DreamWeaver.

So the thing came and I installed it. I doinked around with it a little and it was basically what I expected. I had worked with it a little a few years back at another job. Nothing overly impressive, but it did the job.

A few days later I went to fire it up and nothing. The icon appeared in the dock like it was launching, but it never came up. And no clue as to why. No dialogs. No errors logged to the console. This went on for several days. I reinstalled. I threw out preferences. Nothing helped. So I fired off an email to Macromedia support. Three days later, I don’t have a response.

In the meantime, the thing decided to start working again last night. I launched it and it came up with some weird message about my trial period expiring, even though I had registered it when I first installed. Okay, fine. I reentered the registration information and it seems to be working for the time being.

But that isn’t saying much. Like I said, it does the job, but the interface is just icky. Awkward, cumbersome, sometimes infuriating. It can be frustrating just trying to find the menu option or task bar button to perform the simplest of tasks.

I used it for about an hour before giving up and going back to BBEdit. BBEdit has served me well for over five years. It’s relatively fast on my beat up old PowerBook. It’s simple and easy to use. The functions I use most are always at my fingertips and all the other stuff tucks it self neatly away until I need it. I won’t be straying again anytime soon.