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iOS 7: First Impressions

[G+] iOS 7: First Impressions

For the most part, I find #iOS7 to be pretty ugly. An overcorrection from too much skeuomorphism to too few effects of any kind. Gradients, shadows, textures, reflections: gone. The grey background on folders and all the blue stick icons are especially unappealing to me.

That said, I very much like the new lock screen and Notification Center. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it filling the whole screen when you pulled it down, but after a few minutes I was sold. Even so, we still need rich/actionable notifications. The fact I can archive an email on Android right from the notification without launching the email client is one of the things that makes me pick up the #Nexus7 instead of the #iPad .

I also like the new multitasking app switcher UX. I don’t know if there’s an official name for that, but it’s much nicer than the old way and I think it’s better than the Android way.

I’m indifferent to Control Center. I think I would find it more useful on a phone than a tablet.

I don’t like the way the wallpaper moves beneath the icons. It’s a cool idea, but in practice it’s way too twitchy and draws my eyes away from where I want them to go.

iTunes Radio is neat enough, but not much more than another radio service. It’s not going to make me cancel my Google Music All Access subscription any time soon.

Overall performance is very good. Even on my old iPad 2 Safari is noticeably faster than in iOS 6.

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