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When Will I Learn?

To date, I have owned seven different iPods.

The Original

Several months after it was introduced, I bought an original 5 gig iPod. The one with the mechanical scroll wheel that actually spun around. I wasn’t completely sure I bought into the whole MP3 player fad at the time, and i was sure I could never fill a 5 gig drive with music. Of course, all that went out the window within months.

Green mini

When the iPod mini was first introduced, I fell in love with the green one. So much so that I sold my original iPod to justify buying one. I still regret selling that iPod, but the green mini ended up being near perfect. The right size, the right color, the right materials. It fit perfectly in my hand, it was gorgeous, and it didn’t have that easily scratched chrome backside.

iPod nano

When the first iPod nano came out, I decided to give it a try. It was small like the mini, was flash based, and had a color screen. It sounded like an improvement to the mini. How wrong I was. I knew iPod nano wasn’t for me the first time I held it in my hand. It was small, but awkwardly proportioned. It had too many hard edges, and the notorious chrome back was back. The nano was on the auction block shortly after I bought it, but not before I could loan my green mini to a friend from whom it was stolen.

Green mini #2

Dissatisfied with the nano and deprived of my green mini, I decided that none of Apple’s iPod line at the time suited me and I turned to ebay and got myself a second green iPod mini. I loved it almost as much as I loved its predecessor. Right down to the retro monochrome interface whose font paid homage to the defunct Newton.

iPod Linux

During my second love affair with the iPod mini, I indulged my whimsy a bit and bought a 10 gig 3G iPod from a friend’s roommate. This was the one with the four buttons in a row above the scroll wheel. Probably the worst designed iPod ever in terms of usability. The sole purpose of this indulgence was to have an iPod I didn’t mind bricking and could try installing Linux on. It was a fun little experiment, but within six months or so that iPod was on ebay.

iPod touch

When His Steveness unveiled the iPod touch, I lost all control of my RDF resistance mechanism. My order was placed minutes after he left the stage. With this shiny new slab of Apple goodness in my life, I made the mistake of giving my aging green mini to a friend.

iPod nano (fatboy)

The same friend I gave my second green mini too turned around and bought me a green nano, the fat squat one for Christmas. This even though he didn’t feel he could justify buying one for himself. I disliked this one from day one. It was slightly better than the original nano, but ti was still too small, awkwardly shaped, and had that chrome back that I had come to loath. It was on ebay pretty quickly and I was left just with iPod touch. But there was still a void in my soul for my green nano.

Which brings us up to today, when I simply had to do something about the dull ache deep inside me that missed the perfection of the green iPod mini. Today I purchased my third green iPod mini.

Let’s hope I learn the lesson this time and hold on to this one.