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Every morning at 7am, the SoundBridge in the bedroom turns itself on and starts streaming the local NPR station. Most days it just serves as one more annoyance to stir me out of my slumber and get me started on another day. Today was a bit different. Because it’s not a work day, I didn’t have to get up when the thing started in on its noise making, but I did drift in and out of reality for a while, picking up bits and pieces of information. Although I didn’t really comprehend any of it, my brain did its best to absorb it and file it away for later. So even though I don’t necessarily remember the story as it came out of the radio, I know that the violence in Iran got worse yesterday.

Something else I knew as I snapped into coherence this morning was that His Steveness had a liver transplant. Did I know that last night? No. It must have been on NPR this morning and my brain recognized it as important to me and stuck it in temp space for me to process once I was awake and alert.

Sure enough, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Steve had a liver transplant in Tennessee in April. Why Tennessee? Most likely because it had the shortest waiting list. One of the benefits of owning your own Gulf Stream, you can go anywhere anytime for any reason. Not that I can fault him. If I needed a new organ I’d probably use the same tactics.

Wired, among others are pointing out that the Journal didn’t site any sources and didn’t get any substantive comment from Apple on the story. Regardless of all that, no one involved has strayed from the “late June” time frame for Steve’s return to Apple. Well, “late June” is upon us, so make sure Steve’s parking space is unoccupied for his return.