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More Fun with Prowl

We talked a few weeks ago about using Prowl to send Google Voice (GV) SMS messages to your iPhone or iPod touch. That solution works like a charm, but it was a little on the techno-geeky side and a person would probably need at least basic coding skills to get it working. Well, here’s another solution to the same problem that doesn’t require any coding and works almost as well. I will describe the Mac specific way of doing it, but I’d be willing to bet there’s a Windoze way as well.

Here are the basics:

  • GV can be setup so that it sends you an email each time you receive an SMS message.
  • Google provides a nice unobtrusive menu bar based notifier for the Mac.
  • Someone has written a Growl plugin for the Google Notifier.

I’ll assume that you already have Growl installed on your Mac and Prowl installed on your iPhone or iPod touch and the two are already linked.

The first step is to set up a new Gmail account that will be used exclusively for Prowl notifications. If you try to do this with your existing, general purpose Gmail account, every message you receive will be Prowl’ed since the neither Google Notifier nor the associated Growl plugin have any filtering abilities.

Now we need to get your GV SMS notifications routed to that new Gmail account. In the GV settings, turn on the option for SMS email notifications. That will get the notifications going to the address associated with your GV account. From there, you will need to set up a filter that automatically forwards any emails from to the new Gmail account you set up in the previous step.

Next, install the Google Notifier on your Mac and aim it at your new Prowl Gmail account. You will probably want to turn off the options for displaying popups since Growl is going to handle that. Then install the Growl plugin for the Notifier.

That’s it. Any email sent to your Prowl Gmail account will trigger a push notification to your Prowl enabled iPhone or iPod touch.