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Jeremy and I were sitting around the house the other night and he decided that we should take in a movie. I was not overly enthusiastic about the idea, but I agreed. He started snooping around on the movie web sites to see what was playing that we both might enjoy, a harder task than you might think. While he was doing that, I decided to fire up Front Row and check out some movie trailers.

I watched the trailers for Cars, Over the Hedge, and even the upcoming Al Gore movie. As I was exploring, I stumbled upon the trailer for a film called Kinky Boots. By the time we were done watching the trailer we both knew this was the movie we wanted to see. It was a rather low budget affair and had been out for over a month, but we managed to find a small theater about thirty minutes from the house that was showing it.

The five screen theater was desolate when we got there. There was no line for tickets or concessions. No other patrons in sight at all. It was slightly erie, to be completely honest. The cute, obviously gay guy behind the counter made an awkward attempt at small talk as he poured our drinks. The large theater only had two people in it when we walked in and two more came in before the film started.

Kinky Boots is the true story of a small, generations old shoe factory in England that finds itself in dire financial straits when its owner and manager dies and his son is forced to take over. As the new owner struggles to find a way out of the company’s problems, he crosses paths with a drag queen and is inspired to start a line of shoes made especially for women who happen to be men. An awesome flick. Lots of laughs and great music.

By the time we left, the theater was closing, but the awkward gay boy at the concession counter seemed eager to put the soda nozzles back on so that he could refill our drinks and chat with us about the film. I have a feeling we’ll be going back to that particular theater. Maybe for the Al Gore movie.