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This page started out as the default WordPress page that I never bothered to remove. Over time it has morphed into a place for random comments that don’t necessarily go with a specific blog post.


228 Responses to “About”

  1. Tina says:

    I saw on FB that KBS is now streaming on Apple TV (English, Spanish and thirdly the news channel). Can this be added to nowheretv?

  2. jack burton says:

    Any thought or interest in a roku app that streams [redacted]? It seems possible based on the old [redacted] app.

    It would be great, just saying!

  3. anna yamada says:

    the nowhereman education channel on my roku2 died. it just tries to retrive for a few minutes and then pops back into the roku channels menu of channel icons.

    i was beginning to enjoy the world history course when it stopped.

    please fix. i am despereate to start over some khan academy course. could you also add mit and and the learning company great courses and all the itunes u and affiliated podcasts.

    i am going blind and the easieast and only way is for me to lie down and put my feet up and watch on my hdtv. i cannot sit at the ocmputer long enough for me to learn courses anyway. also can you add a wawy for me to watch my itunesu stuff i downloaded already that is on my machine but not able to use yet.


    anna yamada

    also any kinda rosetta stuff and the last season of warehouse 13?

    i cannot run torrents. the channel i used to use is disappeared somehow and never ran well on vlc.


  4. Bill says:

    Is there any chance you could add a Search and Bookmark/Favorites feature to nowhereporn?

  5. stromdriver says:

    how does leanback mode work?
    on two different rokus, it doesn’t seem to ‘learn’ anything.
    tried resetting one of them and it proceeds to try to show vid after vid of genre’s we never have or would watch.
    is there some instructions for it i’ve missed?

    • nowhereman says:

      Several of our channels have a leanback mode. Some work based on what you’ve added to your favorites, others learn what you like to watch over time.

      • stromdriver says:

        sorry wasn’t aware of that, this is the nowhereporn channel, it doesn’t seem to learn from previously viewed videos on either of my roku’s

      • stromdriver says:

        the nowhereporn leanback is not right, even when setting the filter to straight, it still serves up gay porn almost constantly, none of which we have ever watched or favorited and would think filtering for ‘straight’ would eliminate?

        • nowhereman says:

          Maybe you didn’t read the release notes screen. The filter works at the provider level, not the content level. If a non-gay provider is serving gay content, you get to enjoy it even if the filter is on.

  6. Erik says:

    So I restored my Nexus 5 the other day and I had Nowhere Porn set up with Authenticator, but now I can’t access the channel because I’d have to provide a new key. I tried reinstalling the channel but no luck.

    • nowhereman says:

      There were on-screen instructions for this situation when you setup the PIN. You need to uninstall the channel, reboot the Roku, then reinstall.

  7. bryan says:

    replace phone google verifcation not working now. how do i remove or reset it on the your nowhereporn app

    • nowhereman says:

      There should have been on-screen instructions for this situation when you setup the PIN. You need to uninstall the channel, reboot the Roku, then reinstall.

      • Steve says:

        I have nowhereporn installed on my roku. I would like to remove it but when I go through the process I get a message saying I can’t do it. Try later. Please help. My wife would really appreciate it. 🙂

  8. Pat says:

    Nowhere Traffic is not working? When selected it goes right back to the home screen on Roku.

  9. Tony says:

    As requested by others a pin code on the porn channel is a must.

    Perhaps we could have another channel added and those who need it can make a donation to get the access code ?

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in on this 🙂

    • nowhereman says:

      The channel is already donation-ware. I’ve always been of the mind that donations accepted in exchange for pre-specified work or goods are not donations at all. Further, the effort involved in maintaining two channels for the same content would just mean less time for us to spend on other projects.

      • stromdriver says:

        great channel

        how does the leanback mode work?
        because when i try it it just seems to be random, suggesting many things i’ve never even watched (or would) rather than things along the lines of the vids i’ve viewed

  10. John says:

    i would like to know if you’re willing to sell to code for nowhereporn. i would like to add a pin number or password.

  11. Lee Jackson says:

    Hello Nowhere Man,

    Question… will we get 48 Hours back at all? it is still listed on your Nowhere TV app which can still be added to Roku.

    • nowhereman says:

      Not sure what you’re asking. The 48 Hours listing in Nowhere TV seems to be working and populated with current content. It will display whatever the provider makes available.

  12. Jorge says:

    I love your channels. Is it possible to add streams from [redacted]


    • nowhereman says:

      We are not currently adding any new international content. And we do our best not to pull content from providers that are obviously engaging in piracy.

  13. Van Nazario says:


    First off, thanks for your great NTV channel. I know you use some feeds from FilmOn. Could you please add more to NowhereTV? I miss the old FilmOn for Roku channel and you are the only one who knows how to add more feeds from this source. I know that you probably can’t add the British or Local USA TV stuff, but I’m sure you could add many of FilmOn’s secondary feeds: Masked Republic, Enba Kids, etc. to name a few. Thank you in advance and please consider this request.

  14. Steve says:

    Question: Is there a a way to view the Nowhereman private Traffic channel on my Android (HTC Sprint EVO) smartphone? I have it set to the Washington DC area traffic on my ROKU 2, but would like to be able to view those same feeds on my cell phone when I’m out and about. Thank you for all of the wonderful content you make available to the rest of us!

  15. gmd says:

    In January I posted about having issues with ‘Live Music’ in the Nowhere TV channel in the Roku

    Live Music still seems to ‘come and go’ for me – it’s non-functional a fair amount of the time, which leads to my question…

    If possible, can you tell me where the content for Live Music comes from — I’d much prefer to receive the L/M channel through the NTV channel in Roku, and played through my A/V system and on my large screen TV — but when the Live Music channel is not functioning for me in your NTV channel, I was hoping you might be able to supply a URL where I might access it online through my computer!

    If you can’t/rather not say, no problem – I still enjoy it (when it’s available) and the many other channels offered in your NTV/Roku channel

  16. tony says:

    Will “all” of your channels work on the roku 3? Love all your content you provide. I have all your channels on my roku 2, I just hope I can get them on the roku 3. Thank u so much for this!

  17. J.W. Clark says:

    First of all, a sincere thank you for all of your work on Roku; secondly, would it be possible to revamp or add a search engine to your NFB channel? There is a lot of content that at this point cannot be reached. Secondly, would you consider adding the following to your Nowhere Man service?


    Thank you again, very much.

  18. JerryA says:

    Hey, great Roku channel.

    I notice there are some channels pulled from filmon. Any chance some other filmon channels can be added, like Emba Kids. And Horror Channel which is FTA here in the UK, with great shows like Fire Fly and Twilight Zone.

  19. Nancy says:

    I understand PBS is planning on putting their own channel on Roku, but don’t know when that is supposed to happen. Have you any word on this?
    Have been trying to get your PBS channel to buffer, but no luck. Any thoughts?

  20. loveroku says:

    The live music channel has great content.
    Unfortunately, it suffers from constant buffering.
    I am connected via Ethernet cat 5 cable into roku xd
    running a 6 Mbps connection.
    Other program of 1080 hd feeds run perfectly fine.
    Thanks for your time. I hope this live music channel can be
    Improved upon. All the very best to you!

  21. Aaron says:

    Looking for local news Louisville KY…. Any chance you might be able to help us here in Kentucky?

  22. ray toth says:

    on nowhereman tv on roku on nowhere tv the international catgh. is jut buffering and sitting at loading screen can you look into thsi thay work just buffering a lots any in international catg. on nowheretv thanks thay work then buffers

  23. Pedro says:

    Just got a Roku XS the other day and have been exploring content. You seem to be a pioneer in making useful private channels and I applaud your efforts. Nicely done.

    I bought the Roku for baseball but unfortunately MLB wants $25 just to watch old games. Apparently I’ll have to wait until opening day if I want to see live action. They should give away Spring Training and World Baseball Classic games so new Roku owners can get the experience.

    Oh well.

    And of course it would be great to be able to use the Roku for watching the free ESPN I get with my Verizon FiOS ISP but apparently that can’t be done. I guess I’m stuck plugging in the laptop.

    Anyway, thanks for the efforts.

  24. Lee Anke says:

    I am interested in German TV channels/programs you may carry. Can you either tell me what you have, or direct me to a website that displays the list. Thanks.

  25. Michael Nicholson says:

    I was going to donate $100+ to Nowhere TV and everything I want to watch keeps giving me a no content available message- the more I try to get content the more I get the message. What have I done wrong to cause this so I can watch my programs and donate money to Nowhere.